I am at the end of my planning and development stage for my screenplay and have decided  it shall include horrors enforced by “alien” beings rather than any other powerful dark forces. I wanted to look at how Film as a whole have portrayed Aliens in the past, not just for inspiration but as a learning curve.

A Trip to the Moon (1902) Poster

A Trip to the Moon (1902) is reportedly the first film to ever show extra-terrestrials on the big screen, and it remained that way for a long time as only 3 films were ever released before the 1950’s that explored Aliens! However it was during the 1950’s which the trend and popular antagonist was truly introduced into Film. Since then however it has been a craze with at least one Alien horror or adventure being released each year.

In terms of memorable Alien antics there are of course a few that spring to mind! E.T will most likely be the name on most peoples lips and mind, as Spielberg created a timeless classic. Alien of course is another, which then went on to be a big-time franchise since then many have had their own shot at portraying the Alien from the likes of comedy Paul to most recently Dark Skies!

However for my own film I want to take the same approach as M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs (2002) which in my opinion created one of the most daunting, terrifying alien creatures in film history. Not only is the story chilling but the alien within really is spine-tingling and till this day it will also instigate a bit of shock. The look, the features, the physique its all very clever and brilliant.

I want to know what your favourite Alien film is, it don’t have to be as daunting as Signs or likewise as friendly as E.T! It would also be great though if you could comment what your opinion is when it comes to the most terrifying Alien portrayals!


      • No not at all, let alone the idea of mentally retarded aliens (what was their plan?), never mind the weak reveal and CGI. They were only slightly scary as a quick moving barely seen figure in those found footage birthday parties. I am a massive nerd and in sci fi terms it was pretty stupid 😦

      • I haven’t looked into sci-fi that much so as a cinema-goer all I can say is that I jumped and it was good aha! But if I studied it my opinion might be reversed 🙂 you seen Dark Skies?

      • Its true there are maybe only a few great horror/Sci-fi out there! Finchers take on Alien 3 one of them 🙂 The Thing is a classic so definitely a lot of inspiration there.

  1. Hi Liam, nice blog you’ve got here! Thanks for visiting my blog, always nice to *meet* a fellow film fan. Btw if you don’t mind me correcting you, it’s ‘portrayal’ not portryal 😀 Good question, I think the most terrifying is ALIENS. I’m not as afraid w/ the aliens in SIGNS though I think the film itself is quite good.

    • (Quickly changes typo) What do you mean I got it right? Aha cheers for the spot, let that one sneak past! Thanks for visiting too, always good to get a new reader and have discussions. A lot of people are saying Aliens, I’m not budging from Signs though aha! I agree though, Signs is a very good film!

  2. Great post yo, this is an interesting thing indeed. Aliens are frigging weird yo, they come all shapes and sizes and I don’t trust them at all haha. I loved the aliens from Signs, those assholes freaked me out when I was younger, so creepy!

    My favourite alien would either be the Xenomorph’s from the Alien film series or the Predator from the Predator series.

    • At last someone agrees and I’m not the only scared one, must have been cause we were at young ages! Aliens have loads of forms and again the hyperbolic (in a sense) creatures from Predator and Alien films take the highlight 🙂

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