One Year a Blogger!

It’s been exactly one year now since I started this blog, the thought occurred to me as I found myself constantly giving people my opinions on the latest and greatest films I had just seen, thinking to myself “why don’t I just do reviews”. I didn’t know whether it would stick and if I would just find myself doing this for a month or so (like most five-minute wonders I show interest in), but a year on I can safely say I think I will continue to do this. I didn’t ever think people would want to read my posts, especially not as many as I have doing so now, so I am amazed to nearly have gained 6,000 views and 253 great followers over the past year. I have just finished celebrating my 18th birthday along with the official end of my exams and college years this week, over the next year I will hopefully be focusing more than ever on film as I attempt widen my knowledge and portfolio to gain experience for the film industry where I desire to work.  Blogging has helped me a huge lot, its made me develop a writing style, whilst also feeding my passion for film, but mostly by reading other’s posts and other’s commenting on my posts its made me realise what I need to do to get to the next step. With that in mind I would like to thank all of those who read my blog, even if its just secretly, and a bigger thank you to those who continue to comment and like! Hopefully I will be closer to my goal and dream career this time next year, but I will most definitely be posting just as I’ve done today and the previous 364 it followed.


23 comments on “One Year a Blogger!

  1. It’s an achievement you should be proud of man, it’s not easy keeping these things up for a year. Congrats Liam.

  2. Congrats Liam. So, you started this blog on my B’day last year. 🙂
    When did you turn 18, was it on the 22nd as well. Belated B’day wishes to you and your blog.
    Keep Blogging
    Nuwan Sen

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