About Me

My names Liam Smith, I live in London, UK. I’m an A-Level Film Studies student and I am hoping that one day I can have a career in Film. I absolutely love films and well as you will find out I watch lots of them and hopefully I will be reviewing them all. I’ve loved films since I can first remember, always chose films over a book as for me, they give off much more of an adventure and emotion and well it’s an escape sometimes. My all time favourite is Donnie Darko but I will pretty much love and watch anything.

 Why I started Blogging?

Well firstly I want something to do over the summer, secondly I wanted to show that I’m really am interested In Film and hopefully I can develop my knowledge as well as my skill when it comes to writing about Films. If you could then to give me feedback or just comments on my reviews telling me if I’m doing it right would be great, I also like discussions and debates on films so don’t hold back and feel free to talk.

Films Of Choice?

Well I studied British Horror and analysed in depth films like The Descent, 28 Days Later and My Little Eye. I love a good horror film and I’m a fan of British Horror and Zombies so expect quite a few of them to pop up on your dashboard. Apart from that I will mostly be reviewing all types of films and  next year due to me studying foreign films and Japanese classics expect some of them too. If you could suggest any films that would be great.
Finally! Thank you for viewing my site as well as my posts!.

21 comments on “About Me

  1. Hey Liam, been reading through some of your posts and you’ve got some really good ideas and a great taste in films. I’m also a student of A-Level film. Are you in your first or second year?

    • Hey Gary, cheers for the views and feedback and for the kind words I will check out your blog soon. I’ve just finished my first year and well this is just for the summer and for some experience 🙂 what about yourself?

  2. I had to study Film Studies as a paper during my Post Graduation, even as I won’t claim to have worked much in it 😀 If you need any information about interesting Indian movies (those which I have watched), let me know 🙂

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  4. I did film at college too. Wish I’d done it at uni but circumstances dictated otherwise. If you’re going for a career in film, I can’t recommend doing it enough! All about making contacts. How you finding it? If you haven’t already started Japanese classics, Kurosawa is the man to start with!

  5. If you ever need to know about either Estonian or Norwegian film, I’m your guy (well, girl. :D) Cool blog you’ve got going on here, really hope you’ll get to work with film in the future, too. 🙂

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