I’ve decided to take it upon myself to do some challenges, of course being film related. They will consist of watching certain films, actors, directors in a certain amount of time reviewing them all and eventually coming to a conclusion to rank them into a “Top 5”.

CHALLENGE NO.1: (25th July 2013-8th August 2013) “Pixar’s Short Films”- To watch and review as many Disney Pixar short films released, in a two-week period then eventually ranking into a “Top 5”.  You will be able to see my progress through the use of the category “Pixar Short”.

CHALLENGE NO.2: (By end of 2014) “David Fincher”- To watch and review all David Fincher films, and then to auteur analyse them! Check my progress by clicking the category “David Fincher”.

CHALLENGE NO.3:(By end of 2014) To watch and review at least 10 more 5 Star films by the end of the year!

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