Pulp Fiction (1994)

 Genre: Crime, Action, Drama, Thriller
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Writer: Quentin Tarantino, Roger Avary
Staring: Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman
Pulp Fiction is one of my favourite films and Quentin Tarantino’s creation is undoubtedly one of the best films to be made to this day. Staring the likes of John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis performance wise Pulp Fiction is outstanding but for film lovers who look at a film cinematically Pulp Fiction is a masterpiece. The film is like a puzzle as it approaches with four plots that all interlink and combine together for an astonishing ending. It will leave you to watch it again and again, it provides an amazing storyline and action keeping you entertained.
The story starts with two small-time thugs Pumpkin and Honey Bunny (Tim Roth, Amanda Plummer) at a diner they decide the best thing to do is to rob it. The story then switches to two mobsters Jules and Vincent (Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta) who are on a job to pick up a suitcase for big time mob kingpin Marcellus Wallace. While Marsellus is out of town he asks Vincent to take his wife Mia out for a few days, whilst he’s out of town he is fixing a match with the Boxer Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis), but the deal goes wrong. Although all these events are spontaneous and unrelated they all link and twist in together comprising a series of bizarre, action packed un-called for incidents.

I will not spoil this film, I will not tell you how the characters make the mistakes and I will not tell you what those mistakes are. Pulp Fiction provides amazing action and on top of that a constant suspense filled tense atmosphere as all characters are fleeing from Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames). The thing that is most amazing about Pulp Fiction is how it’s almost three different films in one, but due to the brilliance of Quentin Tarantino and his writing team they combine to make one film that fits perfectly like a puzzle, playing on the domino effect. When first watching this film I was amazed how it all unravelled and came together and ever since I’ve found myself watching it again and again, its not only me who thought the same as cinematically it was voted the Oscar for best screenplay and original script and clocked up a further 59 wins and 46 nominations, so no wonder its featured as one of the all time greats. Pulp fiction is a definite must watch film, a classic that will be remember prestigiously in the film industry.