Something To Look Forward To – Films In 2015


its only 2013 and most of us have only just recovered from the excitement of Pacific Rim but the year of 2015 in film looks big, bigger than big in fact, some what huge or Jurassic? With sequels to some of the biggest blockbusters of recent years to be released 2015 will surely be a much-anticipated year for film, so here’s what you got to look forward to.

#Bond 24: After Skyfall (2012) another bond film was adamant and this time its Ian Flemming’s story of “Bond 24”, set for an expected release of October 23rd in the Uk and rumoured to have Penelope Cruz staring alongside Daniel Craig as Mr. Bond.

#Avatar 2: After the huge success of James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) he’s set to release Avatar 2 to see if it can once again become a global phenomanom.

#Jurassic Park IV: 14 years after the third instalment of Michael Crichton blockbusters a fourth is set for release in 2015 making it very much-anticipated to see how far things have progressed.

#Avengers 2: After Avengers Assemble creating a craze a sequel is being made following the team of super humans, expect once again big names, big scenes and big box office.

#Man Of Steel 2: This years release of Man Of Steel bringing huge success had led to the arrival of a sequel, with Zack Snyder behind it once again.

#Star Wars: Episode VII: After the recent take over and selling there’s going to be another addition to George Lucas’s creation of films, this time bringing Episode VII.

#Terminator 5: Not much has been said about this but it has been confirmed that James Cameron is behind another Terminator film being brought to you 2015.

#Pirates of the Caribbean 5: In 2015 the series continues as we follow Captain Jack Sparrow on another adventure.

#Finding Dorey: A sequel to the popular Disney hit of Finding Nemo, this time as the title suggests finding the forever forgetful Dorey. Currently in the process of filming its set for release around November.