Screenplays “Writing Movies”

Not so long ago I thought about the task of writing a screenplay, being amazed at the thought of potentially seeing my original idea flourish as a moving image on a big screen. Writing a screenplay isn’t a simple task though for many reasons, its time consuming, detailed and very precise.  I don’t know if many of you have ever written, or maybe you have written loads and it’s your profession however if you’ve ever considered the thought or idea I have one firm recommendation. Seeking help to write a film I somewhat ironically turned to a library, eventually picking Gotham Writers Workshop “Writing Movies”.  It has been credited as by far one of the best books and guides in writing screenplays; being half-way through so far it has helped me firmly map-out my ideas and has given a real structure and order in what to do. It’s simple reading, straight to the point and very laidback.

I am firmly focused and committed to my idea at the moment and hope that sticks, spending a lot of time on development I have possibly neglected the reviews so for that I apologise. However I couldn’t resist in sharing such a great find and one so useful. I was also wondering if anyone has written a screenplay? Also if they could share their tips or experience it would be useful and hopefully give me a further insight.

On a more different note I would also like to take this opportunity to say my thanks for such a successful month in terms of my blog. My highest ever views (more than half of what I achieved in the whole previous six months), likes, comments and posts published. Thanks for always commenting and sharing opinions, I do really appreciate it. – Liam