New Year and New Reviews

Happy New Year to all, I hope it’s a fantastic one for all with lots of joy and happiness! I am so far behind reviews due to the holiday seasons but expect reviews on The Hobbit, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty soon! Just a heads up, they’re both great! So go and see them before you have to go back to your normal lives and routines. Happy New Year – Liam

Mr – Women hating – David Fincher

As part of my A-Level Film Studies course I will be doing Auteur Theory on David Fincher. Watching all of his films in college I have decided to review them from Alien 3 (cubed) to Gone Girl if released in time, I will also comment on his trademarks. If people could give me feedback and advice that would be great, also some secrets about Fincher might help too. All of the reviews can be found on my David Fincher category so it’s easy to follow my progress – Thanks