Geri’s Game (1997)

Genre: Short, Animation, Comedy

Director: Jan Pinkava

Writers: Jan Pinkava

Staring; Bob Peterson

Rating: ★★★★

Geri’s Game was Pixar’s return to short films after an eight year gap without making one, with that came a new writer and director in Jan Pinkava that made a change due to John Lasseter’s dominance previously. The story itself is different and in a whole Geri’s Game is refreshing and unique. You can certainly see that in those eight years a lot had changed, with the quality of the animation taking a huge leap forward furthermore our main character is actually human. We follow Geri an old lonely man with a passion for chess, we see him in a tough game against his biggest opponent himself. It’s completely different and in a way bizarre but it works and is absolutely hilarious.

Jan Pinkava deserves a lot of credit for an inventive idea that is superbly executed from sound, story and animation. Geri sitting in a completely empty park begins the game and switches seats physically moving from black then white, as the game looks to heading to only one conclusion Geri makes an aggressive move that changes the whole game. It’s crazy to think that there’s a film focusing on an old man playing himself at chess but its even more crazy to think that it’s so entertaining and funny. The short film lasting just under five minutes was released with Pixar’s very popular feature film A Bug’s Life  and deservedly won an Oscar. It was definitely with the eight year weight as its simply brilliant, one of my favourites.

Watch Geri’s Game here and tell me what you think?

The Adventures of André and Wally B (1984)

Genre: Family, Animation, Short

Director: Alvy Ray Smith

Writer: Alvy Ray Smith

Rating: ★★½

The Adventures of Andre and Wally B was Pixar’s first ever short film that was made in 1984 and unlike others wasn’t released with a feature film. It is also the shortest out of the series made, lasting a little under two minutes, despite the shortness and simplicity it still has that fun feel attached to it. It follows the story of Andre a clueless android waking up in a forest, Wally a bee decides to taunt Andre obviously becoming irritating. After a quick distraction Andre attempts to escape but Wally is quick on the case leasing into a funny chase sequence.

You can obviously tell both Pixar and the writer and director Alvy Ray Smith were playing around with creativity and as their first short animated film credit should be given. The characters aren’t as cute and colourful as recently released productions nor is the general picture. The story Is short and simplistic, it just shows how far Pixar and technology itself has progressed since 1984. Despite it not being no academy-award winning contender the special “Disney Pixar” feel is still very much present.

Let me know what you think? View it here and enjoy! –