Most Overrated Film Of The Year- Oblivion 2013

KA OblivionThe ratings. the reviews and even more the surprising nominations for this film have bizarrely baffled me. To say I was not a fan of this film is an understatement, with a running time of 126 minutes I found myself looking at the more entertaining fire exit door picturing my escape. When you talk about Hollywood stars showing off this is the film that highlights that. The film had more Tom Cruises in it then it did action scenes, there was even a “Tom Cruise-off”. The story of this film doesn’t have a flow, it doesn’t introduce itself very well and it only becomes clear at the end but even that doesn’t make you appreciate the film. It has pointless narrative objects and situations and mistakes. There’s even a part when Tom Cruise fixes a droid with a piece of gum. I could rant about this film all day long, but I’m not going to. I was going to write a review on it but It would only stir my hate for Cruise up even more. When people will talk of big film flops like “Movie 43” and “After Earth” it will anger me that Oblivion will not be mentioned. So here, I have, Oblivion with 5 months of the year left Is my worse film of 2013 and I’m sure come the end of December it still we be.

Have you say of what film you think is the worse of 2013