Boundin’ (2003)

Genre: Animated, Short, Family

Director: Bud Luckey

Writer: Bud Luckey

Staring: Bud Luckey

Rating: ★★★★½

Another three years had passed for Pixar without a short being made but that was once again going to change but this time due to a new creator, Bud Luckey. With Pixar’s last two shorts winning Oscars expectation and pressure was both high but the inventive director and writer didn’t fall too short creating a funny, happy and heart-warming story that’s very lovable. The story follows a young sheep happy and dancing around he has not one care in the world however one day being plucked out and sheered naked he becomes depressed, shy and a laughing-stock and with this the dancing stops. One day a cheerful Jackolope appears spreading his wisdom as well as cheer, he teaches the sheep how to leap around proudly with no shame and with that the sheep cheers up and dances away but more prouder and happier than ever. The story is very lovable and cheery and is simply a work of brilliance from Pixar.

Boudin’ is very bold, it has a somewhat simple message that reads its only what’s on the inside that counts cause appearances can easily differ with that in mind it makes the brilliance of the animated short even more brilliant. Pixar hadn’t created a short with a message since Day & Night and I think it was good for them to do so. There’s also other reasons Boundin’ stands out from the rest, it has a narrator telling the story in a cheerful rhyme, it’s the first time Pixar included voices and for me it was very successful and a very nice addition. The animation as usual was amazing and so was the storyline and execution however surprisingly Boundin’ didn’t win the academy-award. The short standing at around five minutes is one of my favourites and that’s just due to its cheerful and all round happy feel and lovely message, not to forget about the brilliance on the creative side too. Pixar keep on providing and for me they get better almost each time.

Watch Boundin’ here and have your say?

Day & Night (2010)

Day & Night (2010) Poster


Genre: Short, Animation, Comedy

Director: Teddy Newton

Writer: Teddy Newton

Rating: ★★★★½

Day & Night was attached to the feature film Toy Story 3, another one of Pixar’s short films its adorable and rather funny. Two characters, a sunny joyful “Day” and a rather dark moody “Night”, each with their own unique characteristics and qualities. When Day accidentally stumbles over Night sleeping he’s confused, he looks like Day but he doesn’t have the same qualities. Both are confused and angered but after getting off on the wrong foot the two become friends, realising with each other they can see their worlds from a whole new perspective.

They are just simple drawings and its simple cartooning but flawlessly achieved, the characters being outlines but it’s the inside that’s wonderful showing the different scenes. Day has daylight scenes whilst Night has night-time, showing the wonders of both and how butterflies turn into fireflies. The director and writer Teddy Newton deserves so much credit, not only to think of such a great concept but to execute it with perfection showing its loud and bold message. With only the expressions of two faces the message is clear, to embrace people’s differences and enjoy them. No wonder such a beautiful, amazing creation got nominated for the 2010 Oscars, once again simply magical.

View it for yourself and let me know what you think?