Personal Favourite Film Soundtracks

It recently occurred to me how the films that I have been watching lately have had brilliant soundtracks and ones which I have been listening to over and over again. So here is a list of my personal favourite film soundtracks.

I re-watched the Tarantino Classic Reservoir Dogs not so long ago and it once again reminded of how brilliant the all 70’s soundtrack is which sees “Stuck In The Middle of You” be played in time to Mr Blonde cutting someone’s ear off. Sticking with Tarantino it is only fair to mention Pulp Fiction which sees some unconventional songs such as “Jungle Boogey” turn into a classic moment.

500 Days of Summer also holds one of the best soundtracks which is one of the main highlights to the unusual non-stereotypical rom-com, with song “Sweet Disposition” constantly being in your head after. Similar film Juno also brings to the table a very up-beat warm soundtrack that again is a highlight and credit to it’s film.

Most recently in cinema’s both Inside Llewyn Davis and Her have produced amazing soundtracks which I have not stopped listening to as well as a high standard to 2014 films. Inside Llewyn Davis really shows off folk music and Oscar Isaac’s talents whilst Her’s mixture of synthetic scores and songs such as “The Moon Song” is just beautiful and rather complimentary to Spike Jonze’s creation.

Two of my all time favourite films also hold two of my all time favourite soundtracks. Drive is brilliant with such a upbeat award winning score with songs “Night call” and “Real Hero” being amongst the highlights.  Donnie Darko my all time top film holds a great score which compliments and foreshadows every event with the famous and iconic “Mad World” being the highlight.

Do you agree? What are your personal favourite soundtracks?

9 comments on “Personal Favourite Film Soundtracks

  1. Good choices, Tarantino always does great soundtracks, he has a great ear for music. Drive and Donnie Darko also have really haunting soundtracks that stay with you a long while.

  2. I totally agree with you about 500 Days of Summer’s great soundtrack. It really adds warmth and depth to this unusual yet hugely enjoyable ‘non-com’! It is one of my favourite films and the music is very memorable and complements some of the more heartbreaking scenes perfectly.

  3. To be fair I’ve only seen the Tarantino films and his films are always filled with great music choices. As for Inside Llewyn Davis, loved that soundtrack, but for me its all about “Please Mr. Kennedy” That is my jam lol. In terms of film soundtracks, I’m not so much about the kind with different choices of music tracks as I am about musical scores by composers, that’s when I’m totally all it gushing over the music lol.

    • “Please Mr Kennedy OHHH OOOO Outer space” very funny tune! For composers of film score Untouchable (2010) -I think by Ludovico is one of my favourites! Whilst general sound in the Shining is a winner!Yourself?

  4. completely agree with you on 500days of summer!
    I have a huge love for the final song in the film Warrior (2011), called “About Today” by The National.

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