You’re Next (2013)

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Comedy

Director: Adam Wingard

Writers: Simon Barrett

Starring: Sharni Vinson, Joe Swanberg, AJ Bowen

Rating: ★★★½

You’re Next was a horror that stormed the UK in 2013 despite being a big success when released in the Toronto Film Festival of 2011. Despite the long awaited-release Barrett’s thrilling creation doesn’t disappoint too much. A somewhat refreshing and unique approach to the stereotypical home-invasion thriller, You’re Next is a twisty horror with a mountain of gore and action which consequently leads to an entertaining watch.

The story surrounds the Davison family on the night of a big-reunion and getaway to celebrate the wedding anniversary of their parents. Arguments and bitter family grudges between brothers soon set the tone for an uncomfortable night which then becomes a nightmare. When a group of animal-masked, crossbow and axe-wielding murderers invade on the get together things turn bloody and gory quickly as one by one the family and guest numbers slowly decrease. However an unlikely member of the party proves to be the best and most brutal killer of them all as she takes matter into her own hands alongside a kitchen knife.

It is hard to go into too much detail of the story without giving away any spoilers, but the events and torture lead for an exciting night. The story is entertaining as said, but in terms of predictability and surprises it is awful in a sense, from the beginning I guessed what was happening and the ending came as no surprise, but I can see some watchers blinded by this and falling for the twists and turns of the narrative. However as a horror the gore is great along with the mass murders and the way in which they are each killed. The animal masked-murderers were a unique and refreshing take being something I haven’t really seen before, effective as it was it would have been nice to keep a bit more mystery and prolong the suspense. As a home-invasion thriller it was respectful too, with the story involving a family get together much more impacting and entertaining than a lonely couple in the middle of nowhere.

For an almost unknown cast and crew You’re Next stands its ground very well especially amongst other horror releases in 2013. Sharni Vinson as Erin, the trained killer guest is entertaining and provides good action, however her character is a little too much on the nose and literal but it’s one you will just have to go along with. There are as many faults with this release as there are positives at times but I think it balances out to be enjoyable. There a rare few moments that thrill, however when we are only following the one character instead of the whole family it makes for a much more tense watch and experience. Adam Wingard at times shows promising signs of excellence as his clever direction creates a few jumps and anxious moments.

The make-up and effects department areas also deserve some kudos and respect as the gore and physical horror was a highlighting aspect as blood splatters, heads rolling and knifes flying made a much more entertaining watch. In a summary that’s what it comes down to for You’re Next, it is although not amazing and a work-of-art a very entertaining film. Despite obviously having flaws there weren’t any moments you wanted to give up and turn off as surprisingly you were hooked, as little as it might have been. Gore galore, and thrills a rarity You’re Next isn’t exactly a must-see but a worth-while enjoyable horror.

6 comments on “You’re Next (2013)

  1. I liked this a lot. Like you said it didn’t offer anything new to the Home Invasion horror genre, but I think it was perfectly paced and so well made it was entertaining from start to finish. (like The Conjuring).

    • I studied horror in my first film year and unfortunately I learned how to not get fooled by certain tricks, I think this stopped me from falling for the surprises. Like I said it was entertaining and I loved the conjuring, better than You’re Next and It was for me the best horror of 2013 🙂

  2. Good review Liam. It doesn’t try to re-invent the wheel or the structure from what we know of a home-invasion thriller, but it really doesn’t have to since it seems to be having so much damn fun with itself. And therefore, it helps us join in the fun as well.

    • It was some what unintentional the fact that it was slightly different and somewhat quirky it aspects, good fun like you said. Wondered if it could have been more thrilling but the argument would be it would take away that fun! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Great review yo, you’re the second person in my blog subscriptions to review this, that must mean it is worth a watch or something haha. I was interested in checking this one out last year, but because of my dislike of horror films and my disappointment with both Evil Dead and The Conjuring, I decided to give it a miss.

    • Thanks man, I have to admit last year for horror was a little weird with many disappointing even if they were actually good and just didn’t live up to expectation. I would definitely watch this one man, its not a horror in terms of it being really scary and jumpy but more gore and killing, you should enjoy. Same here about seeing a lot of reviews of this, guess a lot thought they would catch up with 2013 like me 🙂 one final thing, The Conjuring was great! Favourite horror of 2013

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