My Favourite 10 for 2013

Since I have now viewed most of the 2013 releases I had originally intended to here are my favourite 10. I know I have already posted My 2013 Awards but here is a more formal list, fortunately I don’t have a habit of going to bad screenings so my list was a bit of a headache to conclude and finalise.


“Different”, “Refreshing” and “Tense”


“Fun”, “Alive” and “Heart-felt”


“Thrilling”, “Clever” and “Chilling”


“Pleasant”, “Touching” and “Powerful”

(Reviewed Here)


“Fun”, “Entertaining” and “Brilliant”

(Reviewed Here)


“Master-class”, “Violent” and “Brave”


“Fun”, “Entertaining” and “Simply Great”

(Reviewed Here)


“Touching”, “Inspirational” and “Magical”

(Reviewed Here)


“Visually-Flawless”, “Tense” and “Special”

(Reviewed Here)


“Breath-Taking”, “Tense” and “Stunning”

(Reviewed Here)

Captain Phillips concludes my 2013 list and gets named my favourite film of the year. I only wish I had reviewed more of them but I’m sure I shall with second watches. Feel free to debate and comment about my choices and it would be great if you’d name your top 10 films of 2013 below!

29 comments on “My Favourite 10 for 2013

  1. Nice list. It surprises me that you got Only God Forgives on your list. I had that one on my top 10 worst movies of 2013 list instead which was a bit controversial among the bloggers here. Lot of people didn’t like it and lots of people did — that’s always nice to see.

    • I found it amazing, I can understand why many wouldn’t like it with possibly one of the most vague stories to date but for me it was all about the technical art that couldn’t be flawed! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. I agree on some. Less on others. Captain Phillips and The Conjuring aren’t in my Current Top Ten, but they’re close. Gravity is also close, but has just fallen out and now sits in 11th. I really enjoyed World War Z, but I don’t think it special.

    The rest of your selections? They’re a bit further down the list for me. 🙂

  3. I haven’t seen World War Z or Great Gatsby b/c they both looked terrible to me, but we have a few of the same selections on our list. Good #1 choice. Captain Phillips was a great movie; however it just barely missed my top 10. I think the only problem was that it felt a little too long and got redundant after a while. I felt like I was watching a lot of repetition. The story in itself was great, though, and Tom Hanks and his co-star Barkhad Abdi were tremendous. Check out my list when you get a chance and let me know what you think.

    • I know what you mean trailers didn’t do them justice, the story of Gatsby along with my girlfriends eagerness to see it made me buy my ticket but it was great! Really surprisingly :’) and I’ll look at it now!

  4. A very interesting Top 10. Right off the bat I love it because you and I picked the same #1. There’s some unexpected choices here too. I don’t agree with all your selections (Walter Mitty almost put me to sleep), but that’s what makes these lists interesting.

    Nice to see World War Z and Saving Mr. Banks among your films. I thoroughly enjoyed those movies even though I didn’t include them in my Top picks.

    Happy 2014!

    • It was impossible not to with Hanks’ performance and the amazingly adapted story! Walter Mitty was refreshing for me, very different to what has been released this year but I can once again easily see why it’s not everyone’s taste!
      Happy 2014 too! May it be good and enjoyable 🙂

  5. Nice list. Wish I’d seen Captain Phillips now! Not seen Only God Forgives – I know people are divided on that one! I’ll do my list soon – it’ll be very different! 🙂 But it’s great seeing top tens that vary so much.

    • You’ll have to end up catching it at some point its a must see for sure, and yeah its a marmite film to say the least! I’ll look forward to it very much and I agree just goes to show the variation in opinions! 🙂

  6. Nice list. I haven’t seen Captian Phillips so I can’t tell if I agree with the top spot. I had The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as my top film of the year. I also included Gravity, the Conjuring, and Much Ado About Nothing in my top films of the year.

    • Much ado about nothing I’ve seen a lot of everywhere I just haven’t seen it myself, whilst the hungers games doesn’t really appeal to me 😦 Thanks for reading though and you should really check out Phillips!

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  9. Good list, Liam. I haven’t seen Captain Phillips, Walter Mitty or The Conjuring yet, and I flat-out dismissed Only God Forgives on the basis of Winding Refn’s other work. I didn’t like Gatsby too much either, but your other picks are all great. I saw the Hobbit last night, and now need to adjust my top 10 to include it!

    • In the order listed is the way you should watch them if you do 🙂 Thanks for the read and comment, how comes you’re not a fan of Refn? and yeah The Hobbit Is great so humorous and entertaining! Be sure to let me know when you’ve got your top 10 🙂

      • My Top 20 is already up (Year in Review part 3), but I’ll be updating it in about a month once I’ve crammed a few more movies in.

        Of Refn, all I’ve seen is Bronson and Drive, and I didn’t like either. Bronson was far too gorey for me, though Tom Hardy was bloody amazing in it, and Drive never lived up to the hype. Plus, when I saw Drive it was with my girlfriend, as she wanted to see the new Ryan Gosling film, despite me telling her she’d hate it – she’s not into violence in films at all – so I was a bit distracted with making sure she was OK. Next time around I’ll be sure to view it without her and see how that goes.

      • I would say maybe give Only God Forgives a go but wait after you’ve seen Drive again! I can understand not really typical Gosling back then. I’ll also be sure to check your review of 2013 out 🙂

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  11. Hi Liam, some of the images are broken so I can’t see which ones you put down. Is it possible to have the title in text in addition to the images? Nice to see Gravity, Captain Philips and The Hobbit 2. I LOVE Richard Armitage as Thorin, he’s my current actor crush, gotta love the Brit 😉

  12. Annoying when that happens, It should be in order from 10-1 World War Z, Gatsby, Conjuring, Mitty, Monsters university, Only God Forgives, Hobbit, Saving Mr Banks, Gravity, captain Phillips! The Hobbit is great and I cant wait for the last instalment 🙂

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